Apache, My Personal Protection K9
Israeli Special Tactics K9 company is an Education, Consulting and a Canine training Center Located in Palm Beach, Florida specializing in the sale and training of very unique K9's:
-Family Protection Dogs,
-Executive and Personal protection dogs,
-Police K9's 
-Tracking and Search & Rescue Canines Training and sales.

IST K-9's mission is to provide law enforcement and the American public with dogs that can perform to their maximum abilities. The IST K-9 trainers are experienced in training dogs at the highest level of training in the United States, and in fact, in the world. Their experiences in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) Special Operations: K-9 unit gave them the knowledge and ability to bring the Israeli special tactics to the United States and to other countries.

IST K9 was created by Shay Maimoni, former Israeli Defense Force (IDF) K9 Special Trainer. Our lead trainer, Shay Maimoni, from Woof Dogs and Israeli Special Tactics K9, trains and oversees the training of police dogs, explosive dogs, guard dogs, search and rescue dogs, home protection and executive protection dogs. With more than 17 years experience with hands-on K9 training in military combat, as well as training civilian and government agencies K9s.

We do limit ourselves to training specific K9's which are hand-picked by our trainers from all around the world. With this in mind, each dog has specific innate abilities that we use as a foundation to our training.
-For Family protection we typically use Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, German Shepherd and a few other breeds.
-For Police and military patrol: we sell trained  Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd and German Shepherd dogs.
-For Detection as well as Search & Rescue we sell  various Hunting breeds that were tested in every aspect, physically, mentally, to ensure that we have the best canines available for the job.

We are constantly conducting seminars for Law Enforcement K9's & Military K9 Units. as well as for Search & Rescue Organizations and teaching Tactical and Education Techniques (some techniques were developed by our trainers).
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